Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lacquered Up! - New Releases

Press Sample

Today, I have some swatches from an indie brand called Lacquered Up! (https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaqueredUp).

The creator of Lacquered Up! has the coolest name ever. What is it, you ask? Jessica, of course! 
These polishes are all currently available for purchase in Jessica's Etsy shop. 

All swatches are topped with the ever-fabulous Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish

On to the swatches!

"Winter Berry" is a lovely wine-colored jelly filled with an assortment of pink, gold, and violet colored micro, hex, and circle holographic glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. I love this mixture of glitter colors with this color polish, it really fits the name and accents the polish color perfectly. 

So squishy!

"All Spruced Up" is a deep green jelly polish filled with holographic green and gold square and micro glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. I just think this is such a beautiful shade, and the glitter depth in this polish is what truly makes it perfection. 

Look at the depth, JUST LOOK AT IT!

"All Spruced Up" is definitely one of my favorites!

"Merry and Bright" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with red, green, and gold micro glitter and hexes, as well as red and green circle glitter. This is two dabbed coats over Gothic Gala Lacquer's "Golden Choco-decadence." This is such a fun and perfect glitter topper for holiday manis!

Much glitter. So Christmas. 
I crack myself up sometimes. 

This jaw-dropping blue is "Cheers." "Cheers" is a deep blue jelly filled with holographic micro glitter and holographic blue, pink, and purple circle glitter in varying sizes. This is definitely my favorite out of the six polishes. It is just the perfect shade of blue, especially paired with all the holo glitter. 

So much holo-goodness! 

"Champagne Bubbles" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with holographic gold micro glitter and holographic gold circles in three different sizes. Here I am wearing one coat over "Peeling Wallpaper" by Powder Perfect. I had to fish for the larger glitter, but it was worth it because I love circle glitter and I love how perfectly the name fits this polish. This topper would look great over any color. 

Circle glitter is the best glitter. It's okay if you disagree, but you're wrong. 

"Shattered" is a beautiful iridescent flaky topper with a clear base. I just love a good flaky topper, so I knew that I was going to love this as soon as I picked it up. This is two thin coats over "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors. Words don't do it a lot of justice, but a macro definitely does:

Flakes for days.

When it came down to the macros of these polishes, this one was easily my favorite. I mean, just look at all those iridescent flakes!? They all catch the light in the best kind of way providing a rainbow of color on my nails. Just mesmerizing.  

I give these six Lacquered Up! polishes my seal of approval for many reasons. The glitter toppers, had just the right combinations of glitter with the versatility to look good over many colors. The jelly polishes were opaque enough to provide rich colors in as few as two coats while still being translucent enough to show off the gorgeous glitter within. Lastly, they are all gorgeous! Duh!
If you like what you have seen, all of these polishes are currently available for purchase and you can find them here:
You can also view more swatches and keep up with new releases on Instagram:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lacquer Chic - Exclusive Philly Loves Lacquer Christmas Trio

Press Sample

Tonight, I have swatches and macros of a new exclusive collection that will only be available at Lacquer Chic (http://lacquerchic.com) on December 1st. Lacquer Chic will also be offering preorders this Friday, so if you like what you see tonight, set a reminder to preorder these beauties this Friday, November 28th.

This collection was created for Lacquer Chic by the Philadelphia-based indie, Philly Loves Lacquer. When I heard the names of these polishes, I was already in love. This collection is inspired by The Santa Clause. Unless you have been living under a rock since 1994, you know The Santa Clause is one of the best Christmas movies of all time!

All swatches are topped with my favorite top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish

On to the swatches!

"Tinsel: Not Just For Decoration" is a full-coverage glitter polish loaded with gold micro glitter, and these amazing translucent green, red, and yellow hex glitters. This is two healthy coats, but you could achieve even more opacity by sponging on a third coat. I am a glitter-aholic, so of course, this polish is my favorite from this trio. I am still just awed by those see-through hex glitters. They truly make this a unique and perfectly named polish. 

I don't have words for how much I love this polish, so enjoy this gif:
(Source: Tumblr)

Direct Sunlight

"Are You With Hatsutashi?" is a lovely black linear holographic polish that is completely opaque in two coats. I just love black holo polishes. Who doesn't, really? I found the formula on this one a little thicker than that of "Elves With Attitude," but it wasn't unmanageable in any way. 
Of course, the sun does not shine during the winter months in West Virginia (I exaggerate a little), so I had a standoff with the clouds today in order to bring this direct sunlight shot to you, my lovely readers. 

Artificial Light

And I don't know about anyone else, but my favorite way to view a holo polish is in macro form:

Behold the holo-y goodness! 

Direct Sunlight

"Elves With Attitude" is a green linear holographic polish that is also opaque in only two coats. Again, I just love the names of these polishes, I mean, seriously, they just bring up mental images of the movie, which just makes me chuckle in my mind.

(Source: Tumblr)

Artificial Light

Just YES! 

I'm giving this collection a big thumbs up, not only because I LOVE the names of these polishes, but also because the colors are gorgeous and of excellent quality. Remember, this trio is going to be available exclusively thorough Lacquer Chic and will be sold as a trio as well as individually. If you cannot wait for the release date and you want a special deal, Lacquer Chic will be offering preorders this Friday at a special price. 
To shop Lacquer Chic visit:
You can also keep up with new releases and see more swatches by visiting them on Instagram and Facebook:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lavish Polish - Christmas Collection

Press Sample

Today I have swatches and macros of Lavish Polish's newly released Christmas Collection to share with you! This is an eight polish collection that released yesterday and includes three glitter toppers, one thermal, one micro glitter, two jellies, and a crelly. (http://www.lavishpolish.com)

This collection is fun and festive and I love, love, loved each and every one of these polishes! 
All swatches were topped with my go-to top coat, Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish

On to the swatches! 

"Holly-Day" is a micro glitter filled with micro holographic gold glitter as well as gold, green, and red holographic hex glitter. Here I have worn three thin coats. This polish really looks great on it's own, but I venture to guess that it would also look amazing in one thin coat over black. I really enjoy the subtle and sophisticated beauty of this polish. It is very festive, while still being understated. 

All hail holo glitter!

"Christmas Cheer" is a clear-based glitter topper packed with silver, red, and gold holographic circles, silver and green holographic triangles as well as red, green, silver, and gold holographic hexes. Here I used one carefully dabbed coat over "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors. I did placed a few of the hex glitters by hand, but that was completely unnecessary, as this polish offers a nice distribution of glitter. This is a perfect polish for the holidays since it utilizes all of the traditional Christmas colors and the variety of  glitter shapes makes it a fun addition to any festive mani. 

Macros of big glitter make me drool a little. 

"Mrs. Claus" is a vibrant red jelly filled with holographic and iridescent glitter and iridescent flakes. Here I have used three thin coats of this shimmering beauty, although I think it looked nice and opaque in two coats. I always love the way this shade of red looks on my nails, but the added shimmer provided by the holographic and iridescent glitter really sets this polish apart from others. 

Who knew Mrs. Claus was such a sexy lady?

 "Tinsel" is a clear-based glitter topper exploding with holographic gold glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes including hexes, micro, squares, circles, and stars! I chose to pair this holo gold beauty with two polishes from Lavish Polish's Fall and Winter Basics Collection: "Alluring" and "Debonair." If you are looking for a solid red and green to pair with this gorgeous Christmas glitter topper, I highly recommend you check those out. A link to my review of those polishes can be found by clicking here:
This swatch shows one carefully dabbed coat. This glitter topper is, hands-down, one of my favorites from this collection simply for its versatility. "Tinsel" would look great over most colors and could truly be worn all year. Everyone needs a good gold glitter bomb!

I can't even. 

"Ho Ho Ho" is a milky white crelly filled with red and green holographic hex glitter. Here I have applied three thin coats. I love how this polish looks like the icing and sprinkles you would find on Christmas cookies. Too cute! 

Can I eat it?

"Elfin' Around" is a gorgeous green jelly filled with silver and green holographic glitter in varying sizes, shown here in three thin coats. This is another personal favorite from this collection. I always love a good glitter-filled jelly polish! The glitter depth in this polish is amazing! 

Mesmerizingly perfect, right?


"Santa's Sleigh" is a red to clear thermal jelly filled with holographic gold and red hexes, red and gold micro glitter, gold and iridescent shard glitter, and tiny holographic red and silver stars. Here I am wearing three thin coats. Now, we all know I am a huge fan of thermal polish, so of course, I am in love with this! Plus, look at those tiny stars! Aren't they just adorable!?



While the cold transition is a wonderfully Christmasy shade of red, the warm transition really shows off the lovely assortment of glitter that can be found in this polish. 

Transitioning macro goodness! 

Last from this collection, we have "Let It Snow." "Let It Snow" is a clear-based glitter topper that is loaded with matte white, holographic blue and silver, and iridescent hexes, holographic silver and matte white snowflakes, holographic silver and blue triangles, and some micro holographic glitter.Here I have used two carefully dabbed coats over "Jaded" by Sephora. This polish definitely made me wish for snow! I so love those snowflake glitters! I also think this polish would look fabulous over a darker shade of blue or even black.The snowflakes were not difficult to tame either. I pressed them down into my nail carefully with a toothpick after I applied them. Then I used two coats of Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish to really seal them in. 

I know, drool-worthy, right?

I die a little every time I look at this macro because the combination of glitter in this polish is just so perfect for a snow-themed polish. 

I love this collection in its entirety. There is truly something for everyone here. All the polishes had excellent formulas, which is no surprise because Emely's polishes are always perfection. If you are interested in purchasing any or all of these polishes, you can use my discount code, JESS15 at checkout to receive 15% off your entire purchase with no minimum purchase required.
To order these polishes or see what else Lavish Polish has to offer, visit:
To see swatches and keep up to date with discounts and other events like Lavish Polish's 10K giveaway, visit her Instagram:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Starrily - New Releases

Press Sample

Tonight I have a few swatches of some new shades from Starrily (http://starrily.com)!

I topped all of my swatches off with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Gem Glam Top Coat dries quickly and leaves my nails with a gorgeous ultra shiny finish.

On to the swatches!

"Santa's Elf" is a clear-based glitter topper that is packed with small white hex glitter as well as red and green metallic square glitter. Here I have used one dabbed coat over Zoya's "Trixie."
This polish is literally Christmas perfection. I just love it! I also love how drool-worthy this polish looks in macro-form:

I literally can't even.

"Santa's Elf" just released yesterday evening and there will only be a limited quantity available. 

"Christmas Miracle" is a stunning green and purple duo chrome that is filled with holographic gold glitter. You can just see a little bit of the color shift in this picture, but it is so much more stunning in person. Here I am only wearing one coat. Yes, you heard me correctly, and it wasn't an overly thick coat either. I would say semi-generous without excessive dragging. The fact that it can be this opaque in one coat is incredibly awesome! Now, let's get a closer look because the macro shows the beautiful color shift in so much better detail:

The micro shimmer of this polish is just outstanding, and in just the right light, you can see more than just purple and green. Ahh, I just cannot say enough good things about this beauty! "Christmas Miracle" is currently available for purchase in Starrily's shop.

"Gumballs" is a clear-based glitter topper that is loaded with a rainbow assortment of neon matte circle glitter. Here I have used one dabbed coat over a saran wrap marble of black and white. I chose to do it over a marble of these two colors because I had already seen swatches of this polish over white and black respectively. I really loved how it looked over both colors, so I decided to combine them all in one! This glitter topper is so much fun, and would probably look amazing over just about any color. 

This polish is spot on. Ba dum chhh!

"Gumballs" is currently sold out, but I am sure that you can expect to see a restock in the near future. 

I really enjoyed all three of these polishes. Each was unique and fun in its own way, and they all had great formulas that were easy to work with. 
You can make purchases from Starrily by visiting her shop:
You can also keep up to date with release and restock information as well as see more swatches on Instagram: