Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joha's Love Nail Polish - Cremes

Purchased by Me

Tonight, I have a few creme selections from Joha's Love Nail Polish ( to share with you!

When I first started collecting nail polish, the majority of my collection consisted of glitter polishes because, well, I am kind of obsessed with glitter. It wasn't really until I discovered indie polishes that I developed a deep fondness for creme polish. There is just something about a solid color that makes me super happy, but I digress. I picked up a few gorgeous cremes from Joha's Love recently, so here is a little roundup of what I got. 

All swatches are topped with the ultra shiny Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. I seriously LOVE Gem Glam Top Coat because the shine it gives my manis is ahhhh-mazing!

On to the swatches!

"Mistletoe Kiss" is a stunning pale pink creme polish, shown here in three thin coats. This polish could most certainly be opaque in two coats, but I am ordinarily a three-coat kinda gal. "Mistletoe Kiss" is a part of Joha's Love Nail Polish's Mistletoe Kiss Collection, which will be available this Friday. 
As a side note, I seriously used to hate the color pink. I didn't wear it, and I certainly did not put it on my nails. All of these indie polish makers have somehow Stockholm Syndromed me into liking pink now, and this is quickly becoming my favorite shade of pink. It is so light and feminine. The girly-ness of my fingers overwhelms me, and I love it! 


"Pink Storm" is a vibrant bubblegum pink creme polish, shown here in three thin coats. Again, this polish could certainly be opaque in two. This pink is definitely another home run for Joha's Love, so perfectly girly. I also think "Pink Storm" paired with "Mistletoe Kiss" would make for some amazingly gorgeous nail art. This polish is already available in Joha's shop. 

The last heavenly creme I have for you tonight is "Winter Clouds." This is two thin coats of "Winter Clouds," which is a perfect gray creme. In addition to being a sucker for anything purple or black, I am also a lover of gray. Gray goes with anything and just like black, I think it is such a classy color. This gray would look perfect with both "Pink Storm" and "Mistletoe Kiss," so I foresee some nail art in the future featuring these three colors. You can pick up "Winter Clouds" along with "Pink Storm," as it is presently available for purchase in Joha's shop. 

I am firmly planting my seal of approval on these three polishes because they have excellent formulas and deep, rich colors. One can never own enough creme polishes either, so you don't want to pass these beauties up! Remember to mark your calendar for the release of "Mistletoe Kiss," which is this Friday!
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