Monday, November 3, 2014

TwinkledT Swirl Vinyls Review

Press Sample

Today I have a mani using TwinkledT's ( swirl nail vinyls. I sat here forever trying to think of a way to express how much I love these swirl vinyls, but no words can accomplish this feat. I am just so impressed with how easy they are to use and how perfect the results are. Before I get to a picture of the full mani, I just want to show you how nicely the edges turned out using these vinyls:

I really put these to the test because I did a saran wrap/plastic bag marble over the vinyls. If you have never done a saran wrap mani before, it involves putting large dots of polish onto your nail and smooshing it around. I gave the polish just a few moments to dry before removing the vinyls, and they came up easily, with no mess in the spaces that were covered by the vinyl. Just perfection. 
And how cool is a swirl nail vinyl!? They are just so creative! The TwinkledT Sisters really knocked it out of the park with this one! 

On a separate note, have you noticed how shiny my nail is!? That is all thanks to Dream Polish's ( Gem Glam Top Coat. I love how shiny it leaves my nails. 

Here is a look at the full mani:

Other than my TwinkledT swirl nail vinyls and Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat, I used the following polishes for this mani:

pink- "Float On" by China Glaze
purple- "That's Shore Bright" by China Glaze
teal- "Too Yacht to Handle" by China Glaze 
silver- "Trixie" by Zoya

I would recommend TwinkledT's swirl nail vinyls to anyone and everyone who enjoys a creative look for their mini canvases! These and a wide variety of other vinyls can be purchased from their website:

Don't forget, you can use my discount code JESSICAJ to receive 10% off your purchase, no minimum required. 

You can shop here:

You can also keep up with Twinkled T on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook:


  1. Wonderful work as always! Congrats on having a blog now! Can't wait to read more of you! xoxo Sabrina

    1. Thank you so much Sabrina! :) I really appreciate your support!