Saturday, November 1, 2014

F.U.N. Lacquer - "Honey Bear"

Well, I finally decided to take the leap and start a nail blog!

I started dabbling in nail polish about a year ago. I was terrible. Haha.
But, this summer I decided to take it more seriously, so I created my "Nail-Only" Instagram account in mid-July.
You can check out my instagram here:
I also created a Nailpolis account which can be found here:

On to the manis!

This was my mani of the day on Friday:

This design was inspired by Glittr on Instagram. She has lovely nails!

The pink polish is "Pink Power" by Studio M. This is a drug store brand that I have never encountered before. It is a bright bubblegum pink, and I really love it. 

The clear star of the show, however, is that gold holographic glitter polish called "Honey Bear" by F.U.N. Lacquer ( 

My super shiny top coat is Gem Glam Top Coat by My Dream Polish. This is seriously my new favorite top coat

Since I recently, as in three days ago, haha, bought a macro lens for my iPhone, I decided to snap a few macros of this baby. This was four very thin coats. There are no words:

Good gracious this polish is beautiful.