Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Joha's Love Nail Polish - New Year's Duo

Purchased by Me

Happy New Year's Eve to all my polish loving readers! Today I have a little review of Joha's Love Nail Polish's ( New Year's Eve Duo!

This duo consists of a gorgeous purple creme and a clear-based glitter topper packed with purple goodness! This duo is perfect for anyone who is as obsessed with purple as I am!

As always, my swatches are topped with the ever fabulous Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish! Now, on to the swatches!

This first half of this duo is "Born to be Purple." Here I applied two thin coats, but you could probably achieve opacity in one generous coat. The formula was perfect and applied easily. I love this vibrant plum shade. As someone who is obsessed with purple polish, I have quite a variety of purples in my collection, if you could imagine. However, this has quickly made it to the top of my list of favorites. 

The second half of the duo is "New Year's Glam." "New Year's Glam" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with dark and light purple metallic hex glitter, translucent white hex glitter, and holographic silver micro glitter. To achieve this look, I used Twinkled T's slant vinyls. This glitter would look amazing over the whole nail, but I loved the idea of this nontraditional take on a sort of French tip. Is that what I should call this? 
If you aren't sold on this gorgeous glitter yet, feast your eyes on this sea of purple amazingness:

Can I swim in this?

Overall, I am in love with this duo! It is perfect for purple lovers like me! This gorgeous set is available for $16.50 in a very limited quantity, so head on over to Joha's Love Nail Polish and snag a set before they are gone for good!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lacquer Chic - Mint Polish

Press Sample

I am so super duper excited to share these Mint Polish releases from Lacquer Chic ( with you all today! I had never tried Mint Polish before Tiffany sent these beauties for me to swatch, and since I was at the start of a little bit of a water marble kick, I decided to put these babies to the water marble test!

I just can't even. I can't. 

And it is not just two of them that water marble perfectly, ALL THREE OF THEM DO! Ahh! That required caps lock because I just can't get over it! I used to avoid water marble like the plague, but now, I cannot stop water marbling all the nails!

I could seriously gush about how these three polishes reignited my interest and love for water marble, but I will save you the blathering and get right to the swatches! I topped all of my swatches with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish

"Slumber Party" is a gorgeous hot pink creme that sent my camera into a bit of a frenzy, as most hot pinks do. Here I am wearing two coats that applied as smooth as butter! This color is so vibrant and lovely and looks fabulous as a base for nail art or on its own. 
My accent nail is a marble of all three colors that I will be sharing with you today. I did the accent nail over a white base, and I recorded the process for your viewing pleasure! 

"Paradise Found" is a lovely teal green creme shown here in two smooth and buttery coats. This is another lively color that is perfect for nail art or on its own. It is also important to note how complimentary these colors are of each other. They just look good together. 

"Let's Jet" is a perfect graphite colored polish with a subtle silvery shimmer. If you look at it in just the right light, the shimmer leans more rainbow than silver. It is a lovely surprise. This color would literally look perfect with any color! It was a close race, but this one came out on top as my favorite of the three. I just love black polish! 

I haven't been able to stop playing with these beauties over the past week, and here is one of the looks I created with "Slumber Party" and "Let's Jet."

Water marble forever! 

My chevron print nails were done with Twinkled T skinny chevron vinyls. My water marble nails were done over a white base and topped with "Fairy Dust" by China Glaze for some added sparkle. 
Here is a short video clip of how I did the water marble in this mani:

The long and short of it is this: these three Mint polishes are ahh-mazing! My favorite thing about them is how perfect they are for water marbling. They spread nicely and they are so easy to work with! In regards to normal application, the formulas are perfection. Easy to work with and perfectly opaque in two simple coats. 
You can pick these three beauties up from Lacquer Chic. If you have never checked Lacquer Chic out, let me give you a little background:
Lacquer Chic is an indie stockist, which means that they carry select polishes, some of which are exclusive to their website alone, from many different indie polish makers. This means that they are a perfect one stop shop for trying a variety of indie brands! 
You can visit Lacquer Chic's shop by clicking here:
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dream Polish - Limited Edition Holiday Glitter Toppers

Press Sample

Today I have a little review of Dream Polish's ( limited edition glitter toppers. As a fun little treat for her customers, Vanessa mixed up some really dreamy glitter toppers that she released in 5mL mini bottles and super adorable 10mL star-shaped bottles. The first three releases sold out, but the last one, "Winter's Kiss" releases Wednesday (12.24.2014) at 9AM MST, so there is still time for  you to snag one of these limited edition beauties before they are gone forever!

All swatches are topped with my go-to top coat: Gem Glam Top Coat by who elese? Dream Polish! Duh!

On to the swatches!

"Joyful Noise" is a super densely glittery clear-based topper filled with holographic red, green, and gold micro hex glitter, medium sized holographic green and red circle glitter, and large holographic gold circle glitter. There was absolutely no fishing required for this beauty and it could be opaque in two coats. Here I am wearing just one coat over "Golden Choco-Decadence" by Gothic Gala Lacquers (available through 

Holo glitter heaven!

Just look how perfect and dense "Joyful Noise" is! Sadly this beauty is no longer available for purchase. 
Here is another look using "Joyful Noise" over black. I also did an accent nail utilizing just the micro hex glitter.

I want to swim is this Christmas goodness! 

Glitter and black polish are a match made in heaven!

Anna now I'm dead. 

"Blue Christmas" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with matte black hex and square glitter, micro holographic silver and iridescent hex glitter, holographic blue triangle glitter, translucent yellow bar glitter, iridescent square and hex glitter, and mini holographic silver star glitter. Here I am wearing one coat over "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors. 

Party time!

This is such a fun mix of glitter! "Blue Christmas" is also unfortunately sold out. :(

"Naughty New Year," last week's release, is a clear-based glitter topper filed with holographic silver micro glitter, matte black circles and squares, and matte black and holographic silver leopard spot glitter. Here I am wearing one coat over "Mistletoe Kiss" by Joha's Love Nail Polish. 
In most polishes with large glitter, the large glitter sinks to the bottom. I left my bottle upside down for a few minutes for good distribution. I also hand-placed some of the leopard spots so we could all bask at them in all their holographic glory. 

Yep, they are basically amazing. 

This glitter topper would look amazing over a plethora of colors! It is also, unfortunately sold out.

Alas! I do have one that is not sold out, and you will be able to snag this beauty at 9AM Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014. So, set your alarms people! 
This is one coat of "Winter's Kiss" over "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors. 
"Winter's Kiss" is a clear-based glitter topper that is jam packed with iridescent hex glitter in three different sizes, micro holographic silver and gold hex glitter, and a touch of diamond mica. 

Effortless galaxy nails for the win!

This glitter topper would literally look perfect with any color, with jellies, shimmers, or cremes, mattified or glossy! The possibilities  are overwhelmingly endless! 
I also wore this over "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" by Killer Queen Varnish, which you can read a review of here:

"Winter's Kiss" definitely enhanced the blue holographic shimmer in "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" in the most awesome way! 

So wintery and fun!

Long story short, Vanessa, the mastermind of Dream Polish, totally killed it with these limited edition  glitter topper beauties! Although "Joyful Noise," "Blue Christmas," and "Naughty New Year" are sold out, you can still get your hands on a bottle of "Winter's Kiss" this Wednesday at 9AM MST! 
You can purchase "Winter's Kiss" when it releases on Wednesday here:
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Killer Queen Varnish - Christmas With Bing Collection

Press Sample

Today I have a lovely eight-polish Christmas Collection from Killer Queen Varnish ( to share with you! What I love the most about Sommer's polishes is that she names them after songs! It's so clever! She makes gorgeous polish and these Christmas beauties are certainly no exception!

As always, I top all my swatches with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. I can never say enough great stuff about Vanessa's high-gloss 5-free top coats!

On to the swatches!

Let's start with my hands-down favorite from this collection: "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." This midnight blue beauty has a gorgeous holographic shimmer that you cannot see in this swatch. However, you can see it in the macro my pretties, so no worries!

Can I swim in this?

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the most awesome things about this stunner! This swatch shows one coat. Yes, I said it. Just one smooth coat, and it was not a generous coat either! It was somewhere between a thin coat and an average coat. This polish is perfection, just a straight up mic drop from Killer Queen Varnish, and it is definitely going to be a year-round wear for me.  

"Marshmallow World" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with micro matte white hex glitter, translucent white circle glitter, and matte white snowflakes. Here I have one dabbed coat over "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." Although this topper would look great over a variety of colors, I really loved how it looked over such a deep blue because it reminded me of how beautiful it looks when it snows at night here in good old West Virginia. 

I also really loved how "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" made the translucent circle glitter look silvery gray. The simple things in life make me happy. 

Gorgeous red jelly alert!

"Reindeer Games" is a red jelly with a subtle gold shimmer. This is perfect for holiday manis, but it would also be perfect for year-round wear. Here I am wearing two coats. 

Just look at the delicious gold shimmer! 

"Deck the Halls" is a clear-based glitter topper consisting of holographic red, green, and gold hex glitter. "Deck the Halls" is a perfect glittery compliment to "Reindeer Games" so here I used one coat on my index, middle, and pinky fingers, with an ornament accent nail using "Deck the Halls" for placement. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas glitter topper, you can stop searching because this beauty fits the bill. 

 Mmmm, glitter!

"Winter Wonderland" is a wintery light blue filled with silvery white flake glitter that leans more iridescent in the right lighting. Here I am wearing two coats. The shimmer was so subtle in this that I had a little trouble picking it up, but it is a little easier to see in the macro:

Again, this could easily be worn year-round and would be a great base for some nail art! 

"Mele Kalikimaka" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with holographic silver, pink, and teal micro glitter, holographic pink and teal circle glitter, holographic green triangles, and holographic silver and pink mini star glitters. What a party! Here I am wearing one dabbed coat over "Winter Wonderland." This glitter topper would be a fun addition to any mani!

Party time!


"O Fir Tree Dear" is a deep evergreen jelly packed with iridescent gold flakes, shown here in two coats. I don't know about you, but I just love jellies with flaky glitter in them! These gold flakes just catch the light in all the right ways! I wore this to work one day and got so many compliments about this polish! Everyone at work looks at my fingers because they know I paint my nails more often than any sane person should, but I digress. "O Fir Tree Dear" also has a great formula as flaky polishes go. 

Just look at all that flaky goodness!

No words do this flaky beauty justice, so just gaze at it in all its flaky glory!

"Happy Holidays to You" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with red, green, and white matte micro glitter, matte green and red hex glitter, and mini matte white stars. Here I have one dabbed coat over Sinful Colors "Black on Black." This is yet another perfectly Christmassy glitter topper from Killer Queen Varnish. I really love the mini star glitters! 

Yep, I'm dead. 

Overall, I totally dig this collection. All of the polishes have the excellent formula I have come to love from Killer Queen Varnish. This creative collection not only offers some clearly Christmassy glitters, but it also boasts a great deal of polishes that are perfect for year-round wear. 
If you have never checked out Killer Queen Varnish, now is the time to do it because Sommer is offering a 25% discount code until Christmas (12.25.2014)! Simply type CHRISTMAS in the discount code box at checkout to receive your discount. You can shop here:
You can also see more swatches and keep up-to-date with new releases and discounts on Instagram:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nvr Enuff Polish - Christmas Town Collection

Press Sample

Hello Lovelies! Tonight I have swatches and macros of Nvr Enuff Polish's ( new Christmas Town Collection, inspired by the greatest Christmas/Halloween movie ever: The Nightmare Before Christmas! Lynnae and Alix, the creators of Nvr Enuff Polish, never fail to impress me with their gorgeously unique polishes, and this collection is no exception! I personally dub them the Queens of Flaky Polish because they truly make some mean flaky polishes!

As always, all swatches are topped with my trusty Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish!

Now, on to the swatches!

"Christmastime" is a gorgeous evergreen-colored jelly that is packed with large and small gold flakes. I could probably stare at this polish for eternity; that is how much I love it! Here I am wearing two coats, but with careful application, this could easily be a one-coater. Let's move in for a closer look:

Just look at that golden flaky goodness!

This one for sure makes my list of favorites from this collection. I decided to accent the golden perfection in this squishy green beauty by adding a few studs to my swatch:


"Making Christmas" is a densely glittery gunmetal flaky with silver and shifty purple micro flakes scattered throughout, shown here in two coats. You really have to see it in person to get the full effect of how stunning that little splash of purple is! Never fear though, the macro picks up all that delicious purple! I just love it! 

Mmm, purple!

I added some simple French tips using another Nvr Enuff Polish: "Iolite," from the Minerals Rock Collection.

There is just something I love about dark French tips. 

"You Don't Have Claws At All" is a gorgeous red jelly packed with silver and red holographic hex glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. What a stunner this baby is! This, of course is another favorite from this collection. 

I just could not get enough of this one! Just look how sparkly! 

I can't even.

For my artsy-fartsy swatch, I did some Christmas leopard print with "Christmastime" and white acrylic paint. 

"There's Frost on Every Window" is a light blue crelly filled white hex glitter, iridescent dust, and holographic dust. I applied three thin coats for this swatch. This is a very wintery polish and it definitely reminds me of snow! 

Bask in the holo-y goodness!

I accented this polish with a simple snowflake since it just screams "Paint snowflakes all over me!"

Last but certainly not least we have "This Looks Like Fun!"

"This Looks Like Fun!" is a clear-based, large flaky topper filled with silver and gold flakes. Here I have applied one thin coat over black on my pinky and ring finger, and one regular coat and one sponged coat on my middle and index fingers. This polish looks absolutely stunning over another polish or on its own.

Just look at that flaky goodness!

So bling. Much good. 

For my art, I went simple again, opting for a few studs. I didn't want to cover up any of that bling!

This collection killed me. I'm dead.

But seriously, I am in LOVE with this collection! Each polish is unique and gorgeous, and the names are just so much fun! This collection is available for pre-order on Nvr Enuff Polish's website, and they currently have a discount code for 20% off that ends tomorrow (12.12.14), all you have to do is enter code xmas20 at checkout!
You can shop here:
You can also see more swatches and find out about new collections on Instagram: