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Dream Polish

Purchased by Me

Tonight, we are talking about my favorite nail care products! When it comes to the care of my cuticles and the protection of my manicures, I trust none other than the lovely Vanessa who is the creative genius behind Dream Polish (
Before we get too far into this, I am going to admit, that I am a teensy bit obsessed, so don't judge me for this next picture:

This is my collection of cuticle oils and balms as well as top coats, base coats, and files. Obsessed much? To be fair, I did win a few of these items in Dream Polish's Epic Fall Giveaway, but I will denote those items later.

Let's start off with possibly my favorite product she crafts: Gem Glow Cuticle Balm!

Dream Polish offers cuticle balm in a variety of scents in three different vessels:
stick (.15oz), small tin (.15oz), and large tin (.75oz). The little ones in the top right corner are samples that Vanessa sends out with orders. How cool is that?
My first purchase from Dream Polish back in the early days of my nail polish adventures was a jasmine scented cuticle balm stick. I love the tube application for quick and easy cuticle hydration when you are on the move. Sometimes when I get ready to take a picture of my nails, my skin looks annoyingly shiny, but I discovered a bonus feature of the cuticle balm sticks! Now, your results might not be the same, but when I apply the cuticle balm stick to my cuticles and surrounding skin carefully, of course, after finishing a mani, it gives my skin a matte sort of look in my pictures. I can't really explain it further than that, but it has been such a life saver because I hate when my skin is shiny and weird, haha.  
Not to mention its obvious qualities, you know, moisturizing your cuticles and whatnot. :) 
I have two small tins, one candy cane scented which I recently purchased, and one honey almond scented, which I won in Dream Polish's giveaway. Both the honey almond and the candy cane scent are limited edition. Honey almond is gone, but you can still purchase the candy cane scent, and I highly recommend it because it smells delicious enough to eat! My sample balms are pink sugar and lavender, which are part of Dream Polish's core line of scents and they are lovely as well! 
Let's talk about that large tin of Gem Glow Cuticle Balm for a second. If you are anything like me, you break purchase prices down to the price per unit. No? I am a little crazy? Okay. Well, I did the math for you anyway, and you get approximately .1oz for about $2.14. That's a pretty great deal to keep those cuticles looking fresh! Vanessa typically only stocks the large tins in the core scents, but she made me a custom order because I wanted, you guessed it, candy cane scent! 
You can fill out this form for custom purchase inquiries:

Next up is Gem Glow Cuticle Oil, which is another important part of any nail care routine. 

I have two roller ball cuticle oils (.33oz)- one honey almond, which I won in Dream Polish's giveaway, and one candy cane scent. I also have two full size cuticle oils (.5oz)- one in the pink sugar scent, and duh, one candy cane scent. By now we all think I am a candy cane-crazed full-blown loony, but I honestly never ever want to run out of candy cane scented Dream Polish goodies! 
I am going to let Dean Winchester deal with your judgement rays:

(Source: I don't have one, but I take no credit for this gif)

I am actually wearing the candy cane cuticle oil as I am writing this, and it is pure bliss. What I really love about Gem Glow Cuticle Oil over the typical drug store brands is that it is not greasy and it soaks in rather quickly. I usually try to apply it once daily, and I always drench my nails and cuticles in it for a minimum of ten minutes prior to painting my nails. 

If you don't own a glass file, put this on your "To Do" list because they are amazing! I honestly will never use a regular old file again because I am so happy with how easy and efficient this file is. I bought one a while back to test out, and then I won my second one in Dream Polish's giveaway. Dream Polish's glass files are mini, which I love, because I have very small hands and nails, so it is much more manageable than a longer file. When I use this file, my free edge is almost completely free of those little frayed bits of nail that cling to the free edge when you use a traditional nail file. And I could be imagining this, but I don't think I am, it takes me SO much less time to file my nails down. Since I started taking biotin and properly caring for my cuticles, my nails began to grow at a much faster rate. Filing them down was such a huge undertaking with traditional files, so I completely dreaded the unlucky day of the week on which I would shorten my claws. Now, I really don't mind it because this file makes it so much quicker. 

On to the Gem Glam Top Coat!

Now, I sing the praises of this top coat all the time, so you all are probably pretty familiar with it by now. But just in case you are not, Gem Glam Top Coat comes in a .5oz full size bottle for $6.95 in a wide variety of scents including unscented. Here I have one bottle of unscented- which is almost completely empty, one bottle of, that's right, candy cane scented, and one bottle of honey almond scented- which I won in Dream Polish's giveaway. 
Now, before I tried Gem Glam Top Coat, I exclusively used Insta Dri by Sally Hansen. I can honestly say that Gem Glam Top Coat kicks the pants off Insta Dri.
Here are a few of the benefits I most enjoy about Gem Glam Top Coat:
- comparable in price to Sally Hansen Insta Dri
-shortens drying time
-super glossy finish
-tames glitter easily in one or two coats, depending on the size and shape of the glitter
-prolongs the life of your mani
Now, I don't often wear the same polish for more than a day, but I knew that I was going to be heading out of town for Thanksgiving, so I decided to put Gem Glam Top Coat to the test. The only nail things I brought with me were Gem Glow Cuticle Balm and Oil, and one of my glass files in case I were to break a nail while out of town. Here are my results:

They look almost identical aside from the new growth, right?! I even venture to say that this mani could have made it a day or two longer, but I had some swatching to do so we had to part ways. These nails made it through the better part of six days with zero tip wear. I somehow am rather hard on my nails during the work day, so by the end of the sixth day I had very, VERY minimal tip wear on my middle finger. I am just super happy with these results! I honestly couldn't ask for more from a top coat. 
I also own a bottle of Dream Polish's Ultra Wax Top Coat. This topcoat leaves a gorgeous matte finish, that I just love. I especially love the way my nails feel when I am wearing it. Is that weird?
Anyway, here is my most recent work that features Ultra Wax Top Coat.

Matte perfection on muh fingers!

The last Dream Polish item I own is Gem Stick Base Coat

This was my final Dream Polish prize from Dream Polish's Epic Fall Giveaway. I unfortunately haven't had a chance to test this baby out yet, but you all will be the first to know when I do! 

All of this is candy cane scented. Just saying. 

Before I wrap this up, I want to point out that neatly wrapped package in the image above. Dream Polish also offers these awesome little gift sets, that are the perfect gift for your nail bestie!
Pictured above is the Nail Rescue set which includes a roller ball cuticle oil and your choice of either a stick or small tin of cuticle balm in your choice of scent. They even make a nice little gift for yourself because you save on shipping when you buy the gift sets: one gift set = one item. 

So, if you haven't picked up on all my gushing or it was TLDR, I highly recommend Dream Polish for all of your cuticle care/mani care needs. I seriously have Dream Polish balms and oils stashed around my house and in my coat pockets. I am literally never without one or the other. I exclusively use Gem Glam Top Coat, and I absolutely love it! If you haven't looked into Dream Polish yet, you are totally missing out!
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