Sunday, January 25, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Stamping Plates

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Greetings! Today, I have some stamping plates and a stamper form Born Pretty Store to share with you!

Reviewing these stamping plates really pushed me out of my comfort zone because I had never stamped before. However, I read this excellent article by Amy McG, also know as @mcpolish on instagram, about the secrets to stamping, and it became a much less daunting task. 
If you would like to check out this article click the link below:

Let's take a look at the items I tested out, shall we?

This is the stamper and scraper set that I chose to review along with my stamping pates. This stamper is a sticky stamper, and I really liked it. However, I have nothing to compare it to since this was my first time stamping. The scraper, I could live without. It truly was not that great owing to how small it was. I replaced the scraper with a used gift card, which I have found to work much better. 

The first plate I tried was item #17264 - Leaves Theme - Plate 19.

Here are a few designs I created using this plate:

The next plate that I tried was item #17258 - Grid Patterns - Plate 13.

Here are some designs I created using this plate:

The last plate that I tried out was item #17267 - Butterfly - Plate 22. 

This is not the original image that was on the site when I selected this plate. In place of the two small paisley designs was two butterflies, but this is the plate they are now listing on the site. 
Here are some designs I created using this plate:

So, long story short, I dig stamping! I need a little bit more practice, but I think I'm off to a good start with the plates and stamper from Born Pretty Store.
You can buy the plates you've seen above, as well as many other plates from:
Direct links for each of the plates above are under each image. 

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