Saturday, January 17, 2015

Drip Drop Nail Paint - Retro Inspired Polishes

Purchased by Me

Greetings! Today, I have Drip Drop Nail Paint's new retro inspired polishes to share with you. These polishes were released on January 16th and consist of four shimmery polishes, two glitter toppers, and one full coverage flakey glitter.

These colors are so bold and fun! They also set you up with endless options for nail art, which is always awesome. 

As always, all swatches are topped with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to some swatches!

"Cat Eye Glasses" is a shimmery magenta polish filled with micro flakes. Here I am wearing two coats. This is such a bright, happy color! You can't really see how it shimmers in the swatch, but you can see a little bit of it in the macro:

So pink!

"Kaleidoscope Eyes" is a clear-based dense glitter topper filled with a rainbow assortment of hex, square, and circle glitter in a variety of sizes. Here I am wearing one coat over "Cat Eye Glasses." What a perfect name for such a colorful mixture of glitter of different shapes! "Kaleidoscope Eyes" would look perfect over any color and I imagine it would make for a lovely glitter gradient. 

Let's all sing Beatles lyrics and stare at this glitter forever! 

"Gold Veined Mirrors" is a full coverage gold flakey polish. This beauty was completely opaque in just two coats, and it is a show stopper! I don't think a picture can truly do this polish justice in regard to how sparkly it is. Application was very smooth. As with any flakey polish, clean-up can be a little tedious, so try to apply this as neatly as possible.

So sparkly! 

"Bicycle Built for Two" is a shimmery royal blue filled with pale purple micro flakes. Here I am wearing two coats. This is such a bold blue! I love it! And how cute is that name?! Although it was hard to pick favorites with this set of polishes, this was definitely one of them. 

Can I swim in this?

"Sentimental Swag" is a shimmery plum filled with micro flakes. Here I am wearing two coats. I've never met a purple I didn't like, so of course I fell instantly in love with this beauty! I love this color paired with the super fine flakes, so lovely. 

I can't even with this shimmer. 

"Roller Derby Rebel" is a clear-based dense glitter topper filled with a mixture of silver holographic glitter and pale purple flakes. Here I am wearing one coat over "Sentimental Swag." No picture truly does this jaw-dropper any justice. This is hands-down my favorite from this collection, and I am dubbing this an absolute must-have. Not only did I spend copious amounts of time staring at my fingers like a complete idiot while wearing this mesmerizingly sparkly glitter bomb, but I also got tons of compliments from coworkers. It is just perfect. 

Bask in the glittery goodness!

"Costume Jewelry" is a shimmery teal filled with pale purple micro flakes. Here I am wearing two coats. This is one of my favorite shades of blue, and I really dig the name. I was quite a costume jewelry enthusiast when I was in high school. This may be weird since I graduated high school in 2007, but I am okay with it. 

Here is some simple nail art I created using "Gold Veined Mirrors" and "Costume Jewelry." This look was inspired by @nailsbyfreckles from Instagram. 

This simple geometric design was created using TwinkledT skinny single chevron vinyls. I really love how funky this design looks. 

Macro all the nails!

Long story short, these polishes are awesome! Each and every one of them had a perfect formula, which is not surprising because Jessica, the mastermind behind Drip Drop Nail Paint, only puts out top quality polish. As is the case with purples, I've never met a Drip Drop that I didn't like, so I highly recommend Drip Drop Nail Paint to anyone who has never tried it before. If you are already a Drip Drop collector, what are you waiting for!? 
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