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January Mani of the Month Box

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Greetings! Today I have a review of January's Mani of the Month Box! The Mani of the Month Box is a collaboration between Dream Polish, Heather's Hues, and Nails Redesigned. Each month, the lovely ladies behind each of these indie brands contributes products that center around a particular theme. This provides the buyer with a box of items that facilitates a variety of manis based on the theme of the box.

A lot of thoughtful consideration goes into the creation of items for this box, and as you can see above, a great deal of care is put forth in the packaging as well. The theme for January's box was "Winter Wonderland." How cute is it that the packaging matches the theme!? I love it!

Once I removed that cute little snowflake clip, I found the treasures that are included in a Mani of the Month Box:
One full size polish from Heather's Hues
One mini size glitter topper from Heather's Hues
One small bag of coordinating placement glitter from Heather's Hues 
One mini size scented Gem Stick Base Coat from Dream Polish
One mini size scented Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish
One Gem Glow cuticle care product from Dream Polish
Vinyls/stencils from Nails Redesigned
One small bag of Swarovski crystals from Nails Redesigned 

They also send candy because they love us and they want us to be happy! In January's Mani of the Month Box, there was a chocolate covered marshmallow snowman, which I quickly devoured shortly after this picture was taken. Don't judge me. 

Once I was finished shoving the chocolate covered marshmallow snowman in my face, I got my first look at what was inside the box. Once again, everything was packaged with the utmost care and consideration, like little gifts just begging to be unwrapped! 

January's Mani of the Month Box included the following items:

"Let it Snow" - full size - Heather's Hues
"Snowball Fight!" - mini size - Heather's Hues
Matte white and holographic silver snowflake placement glitter - Heather's Hues
Mint Cocoa scented Gem Stick Base Coat - mini size - Dream Polish
Mint Cocoa scented Gem Glam Top Coat - mini size - Dream Polish
Mint Cocoa scented Gem Glow Cuticle Oil - mini size - Dream Polish
Wavy vinyls - Nails Redesigned
Snowflake shield stencils/Snowflake decals - Nails Redesigned
Medium size blue and small iridescent white Swarovski crystals - Nails Redesigned

This box contained nail polish, nail art supplies, a cuticle care item, and manicure protection products all in one! What is better than that?

Macro all the things!

All manis were done using Gem Stick Base Coat as a base and topped with Gem Glam Top Coat, both by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to some swatches!

"Let it Snow" is a shifty blue creme polish filled with scattered holo and small holographic silver glitter. Here I am wearing two coats, but this polish could easily be opaque in one coat. Depending on the light, this blue shifts from a lighter blue to a medium shade. 

The macro shows off a little bit of the shift where the light hits it. So pretty! 

"Snowball Fight" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with a winter reminiscent mixture of glitters that includes holographic silver circle glitter in two sizes, matte white circle glitter, iridescent, silver, and dark blue shard glitter, pale blue square glitter, and small holographic silver hex glitter. Here I am wearing one coat over "Black Heart" by Sally Hansen. It really does look like a snowball fight on my nails, which I absolutely love!

I love the macro even more because it really shows off those dark blue shard glitters.

Now it is time to check out some of the looks I created using the nail art supplies included in the box! 

My first look used a little bit of everything included in the box. I started with a base of "Let it Snow." On my index and middle finger I used the wavy vinyls to create a silver stripe with "Trixie" by Zoya. Then I added a white snowflake glitter to both nails. On my ring and pinky finger I used the silver snowflake decals and the small iridescent Swarovski crystals 

For my next look, I used "Snowball Fight" over "Black Heart" by Sally Hansen as a base. I placed a holographic silver snowflake on my index and middle finger. On my ring finger, I used the snowflake shield vinyl to create the snowflake print using "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors. On my pinky, I used the wavy vinyls and "Snow Me White." 

For my last look, I paired both polishes together. My index and middle finger show one coat of "Snowball Fight" over a black creme with holographic silver snowflake placement glitter. 
On my ring and pinky finger I used "Let it Snow" stamped with Born Pretty Store plate BP-22. Then, I placed the blue Swarovski crystals in the center of the design. 

Now, let's take a moment to discuss the Dream Polish products in the box, since they are the behind the scenes products. 

Gem Stick Base Coat - Out of the many base coats I have tried since I started painting my nails regularly, this one dried exceptionally fast, which is always fabulous. It also provided a nice smooth surface for the polishes to adhere to. 

Gem Glam Top Coat - If you are a regular reader, you know how much I love Gem Glam Top Coat, but for any new readers, here are the basics:
Gem Glam Top Coat tames large glitter with ease in one thick coat or two thinner ones. 
It dries to the touch quickly. As with any quick-dry top coat, this does not mean you can be brutish with your nails until it has gotten the chance to dry completely through. I typically wait 30 minutes before I apply nail vinyls for art. 

Gem Glow Cuticle Oil - What I like best about Gem Glow Cuticle Oil is that while being an oil, it is not greasy. It absorbs pretty quickly, but not so quickly that you do not get a chance to really massage it into your cuticles. 

The scent for this month's Dream Polish products was mint cocoa, and let me just say that it smells scrumptious! It really smells like a big steamy glass of minty hot chocolate, and I found myself sniffing my fingers like a total weirdo while wearing it. The Dream Polish scent included in the Mani of the Month Box is an exclusive unreleased scent. 

The Mani of the Month Box provides the purchaser with limitless possibilities for manis. I seriously could have come up with many more manicures using mainly just the products in the box. 
This box is perfect for everyone! For those new to nail art, it provides a lot of guidance as it includes products for art and for cuticle care. For the more experienced nail artists, I think this box makes a great challenge. How many different designs can you come up with?
This box would also make the perfect gift for that nail polish obsessed person in your family. I think we all have one. If you are reading this, you are probably the one. 
Let's talk price. The box costs $29.95 plus $3.00 for shipping. So, for $32.95 you are receiving enough products to create tons of manis. 
I am not a fan of math, but I do it for you all anyway: If you were to buy similar products separately, by my estimations, you would be spending approximately $40.45. So, if you are a thrifty shopper like I am, the Mani of the Month Box is an awesome deal! 
Probably the most fun aspect about this box is that its contents are a surprise! You know the theme of the box when purchasing, but the contents are a surprise. Who doesn't love that? Especially when you consider that the products are quality products coming from three super cool indie makers.  

I give this box two thumbs way up! Pre-orders for February's Mani of the Month Box start today: Monday, January 5th and run though the 15th! The theme is Naughty Love! I am looking forward to seeing what that entails! 

You can pre-order you box from any of the contributors shops:

You can also keep up with Dream Polish, Heather's Hues, and Nails Redesigned via Instagram:

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