Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Urban Nail Art - Olympia Collection

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Greetings! Today I have the Olympia Collection from Urban Nail Art ( Urban Nail Art is a new Australia-based indie polish brand created by my good friend Lou and her friend Irene. All of their polishes are 5-Free, which means they are free of chemicals typically found in some of the polishes you can pick up on the shelves of big box stores. Currently, Urban Nail Art only ships within Australia, but there is a possibility of shipping internationally in the future.

The Olympia Collection is a collection full of a gorgeous variety of glitter! Some have clear bases, and some have tinted jelly bases, but they are all downright gorgeous!

As with all my swatches, I topped these glittery beauties off with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, on to the swatches! 

"Metis" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with holographic silver glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes including shards, hexes, micro, small star, and small butterfly. This is such a unique and versatile glitter topper because it would look absolutely stunning over any color. Perhaps my favorite thing about "Metis" is the inclusion of the tiny stars and butterflies. They are so cute! Here I am wearing Metis over "Red Carpet Red" by Ulta, and I accented this lovely glitter with a simple water marble design using "Red Carpet Red," and "RSVP" by Ulta as well as "Jet Set" by Mint Polish. I topped the water marble with a little "Fairy Dust by China Glaze, but as you can see, "Fairy Dust" doesn't hold a candle to the beauty that is "Metis."

I literally can't even with the cuteness of the butterfly. 

"Demeter" is a clear-based glitter topper packed with small metallic green hex glitter, translucent white hex glitter, small iridescent squares and hexes, and small iridescent black star glitter. Here I am wearing one coat over "Be More Pacific" by China Glaze. When choosing what kind of accent to pair with this densely glittery beauty, I was inspired by the colors of the glitter. I chose to do some layered stamping using two different greens: "Paradise Found" by Mint Polish and "Rise and Shine" by Sinful Colors, as well as "Black Heart" by Sally Hansen. I used Born Pretty Store plate BP-19 for my leafy layers. 

"Hermes" is a clear-based glitter topper packed with a rainbow assortment of holographic hex glitter in varying sizes. This baby is a stunner! Here I wore one coat on my index, middle, and pinky finger over "Winter Clouds" by Joha's Love Nail Polish. On my ring finger, I applied one regular coat and sponged on one more coat to achieve full coverage. 

Excuse me while I go die from how gorgeous this is. 

I went simple for my accent on this one, opting for this adorable pastel owl charm from Twinkled T. I chose the owl because the colors were complimentary and because Percy Weasley, despite being a total tool in the Harry Potter series, had an owl named Hermes. Get it? The polish is called "Hermes." Well, I amuse myself sometimes. 

"Poseidon" is a gorgeous blue jelly filled with holographic blue hex and micro glitter, and holographic green hex and circle glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. This polish is so perfectly named!

I accented "Poseidon" with large pastel blue pearl studs from Twinkled T, and some simple stamping that reminded me of ocean waves using Born Pretty Store stamping plate 22 and "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors.  

"Hera" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with iridescent square and hex glitter. This baby would look beautiful over any color, but of course I chose purple because I am slightly obsessed. I went for a glittery tip look to show of this baby, using Twikled T's Reina vinyls to achieve a deep curve. Then, I added some little purple flower studs from Born Pretty Store to complete the look. 
Who doesn't love iridescent glitter?

"Helios" is a berry colored jelly filled with gold micro glitter, holographic hex glitter, and magenta hexes and circles. Here I am wearing three coats of this fiery beauty. Although "Helios" is not as densely packed with glitter as "Poseidon" and "Artemis," which you will see soon,  it is equally beautiful. 

To accent "Helios" I used Twinkled T's half circle vinyls to create a half moon mani with "Black Heart" by Sally Hansen. I thought the addition of the little bow studs from Born Pretty Store made this mani look ultra girly, which I love. 

"Zeus" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with holographic gold and silver hex and square glitter  and some iridescent square glitter. This is definitely another truly unique glitter for my collection. I love the combination of holographic gold and silver with iridescent glitter, it just looks gorgeous. I especially love how it looks over black! Here I am wearing one coat on my index and middle finger. To accent "Zeus," I went with some simple stamping using Born Pretty Store plate 13 and "Queen's Crown by Eclectic Girls. 

Don't you just want to bathe in this glitter? 

"Artemis" is a beautiful purple jelly filled with an assortment of holographic and iridescent glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes that positively sparkles in the light. Here I am wearing two coats. You know me and my purples, I love em'! Like "Poseidon," "Artemis" is packed full of glitter. What could possibly be better?

There aren't words strong enough to express my love for this glittering beauty. 

To accent all the glittery awesomeness that is "Artemis," I decided to go with some simple chevrons. I used Twinked T's skinny single chevron vinyls and "Trixie" by Zoya to achieve this look. 

Collages. Collages everywhere. 

So, if you couldn't tell by all my gushing, I loved the Olympia Collection by Urban Nail Art! I think this is a really unique collection that has something to offer to all lovers of glitter. This collection boasts unique glitter combinations, great formulas, and good glitter distribution. 
As I mentioned above, Urban Nail Art is currently only shipping within Australia, but if you like what you have seen, I urge you to keep an eye on Urban Nail Art for possible international shipping sometime in the future. 
You can visit them at:
You can also see more swatches on Instagram:

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