Friday, January 30, 2015

Urban Nail Art Selections

Press Sample

Greetings! Today, I have a few more selections from Urban Nail Art to share with you!

Glitter heaven!

All swatches are topped with my favorite top coat, Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now let's get to these glittery beauties! 

"Envy" is a clear-based glitter topper packed with matte black hexes, squares, and shards, transparent iridescent blue, purple, green, and gold hex and square glitter, and micro holographic glitter. Here I am wearing one coat over "Seeing Red" by China Glaze. I had two favorites from these four selections and this baby was definitely one of them! Matte black glitter is just so perfect, and the iridescent and holo glitter in this really sends "Envy" over the top on the awesome scale. 

Can't. Look. Away.

For this look, I used Twinkled T's Tetris vinyls along with their skinny chevron vinyls to create the design on my ring and pinky fingers. I also used some triangle studs from Born Pretty Store. I finished it off with Dream Polish's Ultra Wax Top Coat for that sweet, sweet matte effect. And yes, "Envy" looked just as amazing mattified!

"Mr. Candy" is a creamy white crelly filled with matte neon hex glitter in a variety of colors, and matte neon pink butterflies and flowers. Here I am wearing three coats for complete opacity. The formula is not too thick, and not too thin, a happy-medium! I turned my bottle upside down for a few minutes before application and had no trouble retrieving the adorable little butterflies and flowers. I love how fun and girly this polish is!

So cute!

I went simple on accenting this bright and cheery polish with some neon skull charms from Twinkled T. I thought the little skulls look like candy which fits well with a polish named "Mr. Candy."

"Supernatural" is a clear-based, densely packed glitter topper full of gold to green color shifting shimmer and large pastel square and hex glitter in yellow, pink, and blue. Here I am wearing one coat over "Born to be Purple" by Joha's Love Nail Polish. "Supernatural" reminds me of spring!

Sticking with my spring vibe, I kept it simple with some iridescent purple and pink flower confetti. 

"Purple Dance" is a dark purple jelly base that is absolutely packed with holographic micro glitter and some scattered larger hex glitter. This purple beauty is my absolute favorite ever! Just look at it! Here I am wearing two easy coats. I could not bear to do any nail art over this mesmerizing purple deliciousness, so just bask in its purple glory. 

Bask, I say!

All I'm saying is, Urban Nail Art never fails to impress me with their unique glitter combinations. These polishes are downright gorgeous! 
If you are an Australian reader, I have good news for you! You can receive 10% off your order from Urban Nail Art by using my discount code JESS10. Yay for discounts! If you like what you have seen here today and you live in Australia, you can purchase these beauties on Urban Nail Art's website:
If you are outside of Australia, don't despair! The lovely ladies of Urban Nail Art are looking into making their beautiful creations available internationally. In the meantime, follow Urban Nail Art on Instagram to keep up-to-date on possible availability in the future:

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