Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lavish Polish - Spring Collection and Dazzling

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Greetings! Today, I have Lavish Polish's Spring Collection that will be releasing Saturday, February 28th at 1:00 PM PST. The Spring Collection consists of five floral-inspired crellies that are just stunning! I also have "Dazzling," a gorgeous color-shifting micro flake polish that will be released alongside the Spring Collection to share with you all!

All swatches were topped with the super glossy and quick drying Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to those swatches! 

"Wisteria" is a gorgeous purple crelly that is a flawless representation of the flower it is named after. Here I am wearing three thin coats for complete opacity. This shade is absolutely perfect for spring as well as year-round wear. I seriously could wear this all day, every day. Such a perfect purple! 

"Tulips" is a vibrant fuchsia pink crelly. Here I am wearing two thin and easy coats. This pink is so bright and lovely, making it a perfect choice for wear on its own or for use in nail art. 

"Azalea" is a dusty pastel pink crelly. Here I am wearing three thin coats for complete opacity.  "Azalea" is such a delicate, feminine shade of pink. I think "Azalea" would pair nicely with "Wisteria," "Tulips," or both for some girly, spring-inspired nail art. 

"Daffodils" is a sunny pastel yellow crelly. Here I am wearing three thin coats for complete opacity. This is such a bright and happy shade! As I have mentioned before, I am not typically a fan of yellows, but I love this one because it is a bright pastel and reminds me of Marshmallow Peeps! Yum!

"Hydrangeas" is a vibrant blue crelly that truly embodies its floral inspiration. Here I am wearing two thin coats for complete opacity. Like "Tulips," "Hydrangeas" is a bright shade that is just lovely for year-round wear or for use in nail art. 

While swatching this collection, I had a little fun pairing a few of the polishes together for this fun mani that ended up reminding me of an Easter egg. I started with a base of "Daffodils." Then, I added some chevrons to my ring and pinky fingers using "Tulips," "Hydrangeas," and some chevron vinyls from Twinkled T

Along with the release of the Spring Collection, Lavish Polish will also be releasing a drop-dead gorgeous micro flake polish:

"Dazzling" is an easily full-coverage color-shifting micro flake polish that shifts from rainbow-infused purple to gold-infused green.  Here I am wearing three thin coats for complete opacity. I am downright in love with this polish! It is so beautiful, and I especially love all the colors you can see scattered throughout. 

I literally can't even with this polish. 

The Spring Collection and "Dazzling" are must-haves in my book. I love how each of the colors in the Spring Collection compliment each other in such a way that you could truly pair any or all of them together and still come out with a beautiful mani! The entire collection has the perfect crelly formula that Emely, the creator of Lavish Polish, is known for. 
"Dazzling" is, well, dazzling! Full-coverage micro flake polishes are so in right now, especially those of the color-shifting variety. The purple shift of "Dazzling" is the more predominant of the two colors, which makes it perfect! And don't even get me started on the smattering of rainbow flakes throughout it. This beauty is drool-worthy. 

The Spring Collection and "Dazzling" will be available for purchase beginning at 1:00 PM PST on Saturday, February 28th. 

Don't forget, you can use my discount code JESS15 to receive 15% off your purchase, no minimum required. 

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