Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Philly Loves Lacquer - Springtime in Philly Collection

Press Sample

Greetings! Today I have Philly Love's Lacquer's new Springtime in Philly Collection to share with you! This collection consists of six full coverage micro glitters, and one iridescent flaky glitter topper. Esther, the mastermind behind Philly Loves Lacquer, was inspired by spring in her home of Philadelphia! I have only been to Philadelphia once before, but it was a fun adventure!

All credit for this magnificent collage goes to Esther of Philly Loves Lacquer! Her collage puts every collage I've ever made to shame! Also, is anyone else already dying over how gorgeous these polishes are!?

I topped all of my swatches, as always, with a coat of Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to these beauties! 

"Delancey Place" is a full-coverage micro glitter packed with pastel green hex glitter, fine gold glitter, emerald green micro flakes, and just a touch of super fine holo glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. This is such a bright and cheery color that truly reminds me of spring. 

"Sakura Sunday" is a full-coverage micro glitter filled with peach hex glitter, hot pink micro flakes, and some super fine holo glitter. Here I am wearing two coats for full coverage. I love the way the hot pink micro flakes are so pronounced in the light! So super pretty! 

"Wooder Ice" is a full-coverage micro glitter filled with peach, pink, and blue pastel micro glitter and super fine holo glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. At first glance with my big blind eyes, I thought this was just a mixture of blue and peach pastel glitter, but upon inspecting the macro, I discovered the pretty pale pink glitter. What a lovely spring-reminiscent combination! 

Pastel perfection!

"Schuylkill Banks" is a full-coverage micro glitter packed with aqua hex glitter, blue flakes, fine gold micro glitter, and fine holographic gold micro glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. Although I love this entire collection, "Schuylkill Banks" is hands-down my absolute favorite! This polish literally looks like turquoise jewelry on my fingernails! I just love it!

I literally can't even with this polish. 

"Sister Cities" is a full-coverage micro glitter filled with pastel pink hex glitter, matte black micro square glitter, pink micro flakes, and holographic silver micro glitter. Here I am wearing two coats. Another jaw-droppingly perfect polish! I love the combination of black and pastel pink!

Can I swim in this?

"Six More Weeks" is a full-coverage micro glitter filled with silver and blue iridescent micro glitter, violet micro flakes, and super fine holo glitter. This is two coats. I love the metallic appearance of this polish! This beauty definitely reminds me of winter weather, and it brings back memories of my trip to Philadelphia because it was super chilly when I visited!

"Avenue of the Arts" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with rainbow flakes. Here I am wearing one coat over a black creme. The name is so perfect for this polish. Do a quick Google search for: Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, and you will see exactly what I am talking about! I love flaky glitter, and I love rainbows, so this polish is perfection! I think "Avenue of the Arts" would look perfect over basically any color. 

Just look at those flakes! 

I am seriously smitten with this entire collection! It is so unique and beautiful, and there is bound to be a polish in this collection to please everyone! All the formulas were excellent and easy to work with.  As a note, when applying glitter-dense polishes such as these, make sure that you are careful with brush strokes so that you are not dragging the glitter back off the nail or creating raised areas. If you do end up with a high spot on your nail, wait a few minutes until the polish is relatively dry to the touch and gently press it down with your finger. I honestly only had to do this once with the first one I applied. After the first go around I was more adept at applying these glittery beauties. 

The Springtime in Philly Collection will be available for purchase beginning in the afternoon on February 20th in both 8mL and 15mL bottles. You can purchase them individually at the prices below:

Individual prices:

8mL mini bottle - $6
15mL full-size bottle- $12

You can also purchase the collection in its entirety at a slightly discounted rate:

Entire collection prices:

8mL mini set - $39
15mL full-size set - $78

To purchase, visit:

To see more swatches check Philly Loves Lacquer out on Instagram and Facebook:




  1. Looooove! Thank you SO MUCH as usual for the wonderful swatches!!

  2. Love these soooo much! Especially Schuylkill Banks!

    1. That one is my favorite too! I am so obsessed with this collection! It's perfect!

  3. These polishes look so beautiful and your swatches are gorgeous.
    As I'm new to Philly Loves Lacquer and also have no experience with these full coverage micro glitters, I'm thinking of getting these in the mini bottles. Have you tried those ? I'm wondering whether it would make application more problematic, because if the smaller brush, as you mentioned one has to be careful while applying dense glitter like these.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you!
      Philly Loves Lacquer has recently changed their bottles, so I have not tried her new mini bottles, but I don't imagine the brush will have much of an effect. As long as you are not excessively dragging over polish you have just applied, you shouldn't have an issue. I hope that helps! :)

    2. Hi adikile! My mini bottles have changed, as Jess mentioned. However, the size of the brush bristles are the same length as the full size brushes. So you shouldn't have any issues. I use mini bottles/brushes for swatching on nail wheels, and since the brush has the same amount of same-size bristles, I had no application issues. Hope that helps!

    3. I just saw this now... Thank you so much ! I got them in mini and can't wait to try them out !!!

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