Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pure Ice - New Year, New Hue Collection

Press Sample

Greetings! Today, I have the New Year, New Hue Collection from Pure Ice. This collection consists of seven polishes and a matte top coat.

I topped all of the swatches with the collection's matte top coat, Frost Finish, which gave all the polishes a gorgeous frosty appearance, which I really loved! Now, let's get to those swatches!

"Rosy Glow" is an orange-pink tinted sheer polish filled with iridescent hex glitter. Here I am wearing three coats. In three coats, "Rosy Glow" is fairy opaque, which sets it apart from the two other similar polishes in this collection. 

"Blue Hue" is a blue tinted sheer polish filled with iridescent hex glitter. Here I am wearing three coats. I am not typically a fan of sheer polish, but I confess that I don't mind this one despite being able to see my nails beneath it. I do, however, think this would look even better worn over a blue creme to intensify the color. I love the way Frost Finish makes this polish looked like frosted glass. 

"Purple Haze" is a purple tinted sheer polish filled with iridescent hex glitter. Here I am wearing three coats. As with "Blue Hue," although I am not typically a fan of sheer polish, I really don't mind this. "Purple Haze" would probably also look even better over a creme polish in a similar shade. 

"Dollface" is an orange-learning peach creme. Here I am wearing two coats. "Doll Face" has a really nice and easy formula. 

"Poppin' Bottles" is a a silver and gold shimmery glitter topper filled with a mixture of silver hex glitter in two sizes. I think "Poppin'" Bottles was intended to be worn on its own, but after a few coats, it wasn't opaque enough for my taste, so here I am wearing two coats over "Dollface."  

"Flawless" is a frosty gold creme with a metallic finish. Since I've topped it with Frost Finish, the metallic finish is not as evident. Here I am wearing two coats. As with most pearly or frosty polishes, you need to be careful about brush strokes so as to avoid streaking. I really like this color, and I also found that 'Flawless works well for stamping!

For this look I used "Flawless to stamp a leafy pattern with Born Pretty Store plate BP-19 over "Dazzle" by Joshik Polish. I love how subtle "Flawless" looks over this green to purple chameleon polish. 

"What's the Splatter?" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with black and white matte hex glitter in a variety of sizes. Here I am wearing one coat over "Flawless." I really loved how these two looked together, and I think this glitter topper would look awesome over any color. Black and white matte glitter toppers never really go out of style in my book, so this baby is a winner, especially when the entire mani has a matte finish. 

My top picks from this collection would have to be "Purple Haze," "Blue Hue," "What's the Splatter?" and Frost Finish Matte Top Coat. I love how Frost Finish dried to a perfect matte finish, which gave each of these polishes a very unique look. 
Pure Ice is available exclusively at Walmart and retails for $1.97. You can also purchase it online at:


  1. I really love the effect that the matte top coat gives to all the polish. How do you think it compares to other matte top coats (if you've used any others)?

    1. Me too! It is so matte! The only other mainstream matte top coat I have tried is NYC Matte Me Crazy, and it doesn't dry to as nice of a finish as this one does.