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Drip Drop Nail Paint and Candied Apple Polish - March Candy Drop Duos

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Greetings! Today, I have March's Candy Drop Duos to share with you! The Candy Drop Duo is a collaboration between Drip Drop Nail Paint and Candied Apple Polish. For the month of March, there will be two duos: Shamrock Snuggles and Candy Drop Welcomes Spring. And guess what everyone! They are both so much fun!

All swatches were topped with super glossy Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now let's get to some Candy Drop fun! 

Shamrock Snuggles consists of the following items:

"Clover the Rainbow" by Candied Apple Polish
"Laughing Leprechauns" by Drip Drop Nail Paint
A mixture of matte yellow flower, matte lime green heart, and holographic deep green club placement glitter courtesy of Drip Drop Nail Paint

"Clover the Rainbow" is a cheery lime green crelly exploding with matte hex and square glitter and metallic circle glitter in a rainbow assortment of colors. Shown here is two easy coats. I just love how perfectly the name fits this polish! Get it?! "Clover" because it's green, and "the Rainbow" because of the glitter! Ahaha! I love the simple things in life. But seriously though, how fun is this polish!?

I can't even with how fun this polish is!

"Laughing Leprechauns" is a clear-based glitter topper packed to the brim with a rainbow assortment of matte and metallic hex and square glitter and iridescent gold micro flakes. Shown here is one coat over the unplanned and coincidentally perfectly named "Emerald Isle" by Winstonia Store. SO MUCH GLITTER! I love it! I already knew this would look amazing over black, and it definitely did not disappoint over deep green. I would venture to say "Laughing Leprechauns" would look amazing over virtually any color. 


And because one must macro all the things, here is a delicious macro of the glitter mix that is included with the purchase of the Shamrock Snuggles Candy Drop Duo:

Candy Drop Welcomes Spring consists of the following items:

"Once Upon a Puddle" by Drip Drop Nail Paint
"Once Upon a Petal" by Candied Apple Polish
A mixture of matte green, pink, and white flower, blue butterfly, and white bow placement glitter courtesy of Candied Apple Polish. 

"Once Upon a Puddle" is an insanely vibrant blue jelly loaded with iridescent micro flakes. Show here is two smooth, dreamy coats. As someone who is hit or miss with the color blue, I find myself overwhelmingly smitten with this polish! It is just so perfect, sparkly, and blue! 

Can I swim in this?

"Once Upon a Petal" is a delicate pale pink crelly packed with a sweet assortment of matte pastel hex and square glitter. Shown here is two smooth glitter-filled coats. This is such a soft, girly shade and just screams spring!

All this pastel glitter..I die!

As if I wasn't dead enough from all the gorgeousness, check out this macro of the glitter mix included with the purchase of the Candy Drop Welcomes Spring Duo:

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put together a cute spring-inspired design using the Candy Drop Welcomes Spring Duo. To create this design, I used both "Once Upon a Puddle" and "Once Upon a Petal" as well as some of the cute flower placement glitter. I used Twinkled T's Reina vinyls on my index and pinky fingers for the deep curve, and their new Daisy vinyls on my middle and ring finger. 

Both of these duos rock my socks right off! I just love them! As with all Drip Drop Nail Paint and Candied Apple Polish, you are really getting quality products. The formulas are fantastic, application is a breeze, and the colors are so beautiful and fun. The coordinating placement glitter for each duo also makes accenting these polishes simple and cute! If you haven't tried a Candy Drop Duo before, I highly recommend you give one or both of these duos a go, because they are awesome! The Shamrock Snuggles and Candy Drop Welcomes Spring Duos will be available this Friday, March 6th, at noon EST. Candy Drop Duos are limited edition sets, and they will not be available again once they have sold out. It has been my experience that they sell out quickly, so if you are interested in one or both of them, be sure to set an alarm. 
You can purchase these duos in both Drip Drop Nail Paint's and Candied Apple Polish's shops:

You can also visit Drip Drop Nail Paint and Candied Apple Polish on Instagram:

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