Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Drip Drop Nail Paint - New Retro Inspired Polishes

Purchased by Me

Greetings! Today, I have some new Retro Inspired polishes from Drip Drop Nail Paint. These beauties are additions to her previously released Retro Inspired Collection, and are just as beautiful!

As always, all swatches were topped with super glossy Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to those swatches! 

"Funky Finds" is a forest green creme filled with a delicate holographic shimmer. Here I am wearing two easy coats. The formula is so creamy and the color is just to die for! I especially love the shimmer afforded by the holo! 

"Snazzy Jazzy" is a dusty pink creme filled with little gold micro flakes. Shown here is two coats. Can I just say how in love I am with this polish!? The combination of the little metallic gold flakes and soft pink creme is just so perfectly unique! I just cannot get over it!

Behold! Flakies! 

"Tie-dyed Butterfly" is a clear-based glitter topper filled with matte hex and square glitter in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as some holographic silver glitter for addled sparkle! Here I am wearing one coat over "Simply White" by Winstonia Store. This glitter bomb would look great over a variety of colors. Judging by how enormous the glitter payload is, I imagine you could also wear this for full-coverage in two to three coats. 

"Tree Hugger" is a deep lime green creme filled with a mixture of pink and iridescent micro flakes. Shown here is two easy coats. Just like with "Snazzy Jazzy," the micro flakes and creme mixture really sets this polish apart. This green is really bold and bright. 

"Restore the Classics" is a squishy purple jelly filled with iridescent blue micro flakes. Here I am wearing two perfect coats. Love me some purple jelly! I also love how the blue micro flakes really sparkle through and show themselves in the light. 

So flaky!

I never have anything but good things to say about Drip Drop Nail Paint polishes because the quality is always impeccable and the colors are always fun and unique. It was tough to choose, but I think my favorite from this collection is "Snazzy Jazzy." There is just something about a pink creme with the delicate shimmer of tiny gold flakes. These new additions to the Retro Inspired Collection will be released at noon this Friday, March 13th. 

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