Saturday, March 14, 2015

Exotic Lacquers - Selections Part 2

Press Sample 

Greetings Earthlings! Today, I have some more selections from Exotic Lacquers to share with you! Exotic Lacquers is a new indie polish brand that offers a wide selection of quality handmade polishes in a variety of finishes.

Today's selections are an assortment of scrumptious holos! 

As always, all swatches are topped with fabulous, super glossy Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now let's get our holo on!

"Epiphany" is a jaw dropping color-shifting creme packed with super fine holographic powder. In my swatch, you can see the stunning deep plum, but with a simple turn of your hand, this polish shifts to a deep burgundy. You can see a little bit of the shift in the macro. Shown here is two dreamy coats. I seriously could not stop staring at my fingers when I was wearing this polish. The strong shift combined with the holo shimmer is just absolute perfection! "Epiphany" is hands-down one of my favorite polishes ever. Ever!

Getting shifty up in here!

"Iced Coffee" is a warm taupe creme filled with holographic powder. Here I am wearing two easy coats. This is such a gorgeous neutral, and the name is so fitting! 

"Nebulous" is a multi-chrome flake polish with holographic powder mixed in. Shown here is two generous coats. Like "Epiphany," this beauty also has a really strong shift. I found myself staring at my fingers again, complete mesmerized by all the shifting this polish did. I detected a shift from purple to blue to green to gold, and red. No matter how I held my hand, I could see an awesome shift taking place!

"Epic" is a holographic color-shifting polish that shifts in an array of colors ranging from blue-gray to gray and violet. Shown here ia three thin coats. Between the gorgeous color shift and the super fine holographic shimmer, this polish is completely bonkers. I wish I had been able to capture this beauty in natural light, because it is just so sparkly!

Hello shiftiness! 

"Blue Lagoon" is a jaw-dropping blue creme filled with holographic powder. Here I am wearing two buttery smooth coats. As I have mentioned in the past, I'm not typically a blue person, but "Blue Lagoon" is just 100% perfection and I am madly in love with it. I get lost in that gorgeous shimmery blue every single time I look at it. Perfect formula, perfect shade, perfect, perfect, perfect!

Can I swim in this?

"Platinum" is what Natalie of Exotic Lacquers describes as a "Mega Holographic Polish." This is not an exaggeration. This baby is packed to the brim with silver holographic pigment. Shown here is three thin coats. This is another I wish I had the chance to catch in the sunlight because it would be absolutely breathtaking! 

All the holo! I die!

Just wow! All six of these holographic beauties were absolutely flawless! My favorite, of course, was "Epiphany," but "Blue Lagoon" was certainly a close second! It is important to note that Natalie does not use Spectraflair in any of her polishes, and only uses FDA approved holographic pigments and powders. These polishes all have perfect formulas and you can just tell how much attention to detail Natalie puts into her polish. 

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