Thursday, March 19, 2015

Heather's Hues - Sweet Spring Collection

Press Sample 

Greetings! Today, I have Heather's Hues Sweet Spring Collection to share with you! This collection was inspired by the charming tales of Beatrix Potter, the author of the beloved Peter Rabbit. The collection consists of three shimmery polishes and three glitter-packed crellies.

All swatches were topped with super glossy Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. Now, let's get to those spring beauties! 

"A Flutterment & a Scufflement" is a milky white crelly filled with circle glitter of varying sizes and colors, bubblegum pink hex glitter, small pastel yellow hex glitter, and small pastel pink and blue square glitter. Shown here is three thin coats. This polish is so perfect and gorgeous, and it truly reminds me of colorful lights in soft focus. I honestly still can't get over how much I love this polish!

"Sugar and Snuff and Galoshes" is a lilac creme with blue and green shimmer as well as lavender, violet, and hot pink micro flakes. Shown here is two coats. I have no words for how much I love this purple. It is just so lovely!

I literally can't even. 

"Full-skirted Coats With Flowered Lappets" is a creamy white crelly loaded with a rainbow assortment of hex glitter in a variety of sizes. Shown here is two coats. All these speckles of color remind me of candy, yum!

"I Smell a Smell of Honey" is a lime green creme with lime green shimmer as well as golden-green and yellow micro flakes. Shown here is two easy coats. This is such a pretty shade of green, and just so perfect for spring!

"I Will Eat a Butterfly Sandwich" is a creamy white crelly filled with an assortment of superfine metallic glitter, small hex glitter, pastel matte square glitter, and larger metallic and matte hex glitter all in a rainbow of colors. Shown here is two easy coats. This is fun and colorful while also being understated. What a gorgeous assortment of glitter! Also, can we just talk about how adorable that name is?

Can I swim in this?

"Hidden Underneath a Flowerpot" is an indigo blue creme with teal and golden shimmer as well as teal and navy micro flakes. Shown here is two coats. Another perfect and absolutely gorgeous polish from Heather's Hues!

So, is this not the cutest collection ever, or what? I mean, the theme? Adorable! The polish names? Adorable! The polishes themselves? Adorable and gorgeous all bottled up in a little glass jar! I am smitten with this collection! Nice formulas, gorgeous colors, just all around awesome! Plus, Heather, the brains behind Heather's Hues, is super sweet, so what more could you really ask for?
This collection will be available in Heather's shop on Saturday, March 21st. 

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