Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ever After Polish - Valerie Haines Trio and Fundraiser

Press Sample 

Greetings! Today, I have a special trio of polishes from Ever After Polish to share with you! The lovely ladies of Ever After Polish were made aware of a wonderfully selfless woman named Valerie who dedicated her life to caring for her five adoptive children, all of whom have extensive medical care needs. Sadly, Valerie passed on last week leaving behind her legacy of compassion and kindness. To help aid Valerie's family in caring for her children and final expenses, Ever After Polish created three gorgeous polishes inspired by Valerie. Starting this Friday, April 24th at 8AM EST until midnight EST Sunday, April 27th, Ever After Polish will be donating a percent of the proceeds from the sale of all polishes listed in their shop to Valerie's family.

All swatches were topped with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish for a super glossy finish. Now let's get to these sparkly beauties!

"Viva la Valerie" is a super fine holographic silver micro glitter polish with scattered metallic blue and red hex glitter of varying sizes. Shown here is two smooth and easy coats. Valerie was like superwoman in her every day life, which inspired the colors for this gorgeous polish. I love how the red and blue is so evenly scattered throughout the silver base, and boy does this beauty sparkle in the sunlight. Simply stunning!

"Footprints in the Sand" is a sandy colored rose pearl polish filled with super fine holographic gold glitter,  green mosaic glass hex glitter, and metallic purple and blue shard glitter. Shown here is two easy coats. "Footprints in the Sand" was inspired by sea glass and sand, which it so perfectly embodies. 

"PHighting" is a vibrant periwinkle creme filled with magenta micro flakes and periwinkle shimmer. Shown here is two buttery smooth coats. I found that the periwinkle shimmer is more prominent in direct light, while the pink micro flakes really show themselves in indirect light. It's so lovely! Valerie's eldest daughter, Laycee, is in a constant battle with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) among other debilitating health issues. "PHighting" is a beautiful way to remind yourself that there are others out there fighting to live normal lives with serious medical conditions. For more information about Pulmonary Hypertension, visit:

Theses three polishes are truly beauties! The formulas are fantastic and their compositions are super creative. What is even better, is that a percentage of all sales made between 8AM Friday and midnight on Sunday will be used to help a family that truly needs it. Don't forget to set an alarm, so you can get your hands on these sparkly babies. 

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