Monday, July 6, 2015

byAlegory Organizers

Press Sample 

Greetings! Today, I have some awesome beauty organizers from byAlegory to share with you! I was super excited to review these babies because I have an extreme need for organization in my life when it comes to nail polish, and these three organizers definitely satisfy that need.

The thing I was most impressed with was the quality of these pieces. The plastic is very sturdy which I just love because I know that they will hold up over time. 

The Acrylic Vanity Display is billed as an organizer for nail polish and foundation, and since I'm rather obsessed with nail polish, my purpose for this product was rather obvious. I intend to use this to keep track of polish that I need to swatch, review, or both in the near future. As you can see, I've loaded it up with some polishes that I will be working on over the next couple weeks! Currently, I have thirty-one polishes on this display, however, I'd say there is enough room to fit four more polishes for a grand total of thirty-five. The Acrylic Vanity Display is available for $16.99 in six color options. 

The Acrylic Lip Gloss Organizer is absolutely perfect for the organization of cuticle oils, so that is what I intend to use it for. It has twenty-four spaces, which I fully plan to fill with cuticle oil, since I am in the midst of cuticle oil obsession at the moment. I didn't have the best organization of my oils before this organizer arrived, and I just love how easy it makes storing pens, roller balls, and lip gloss tubes. The Acrylic Lip Gloss Organizer is available for $24.99 and also comes in six color options. 

The Acrylic Eye/Lip Liner Organizer is perfect for organizing nail art tools and brushes. It has twenty-six spaces of varying sizes, which makes it perfect for a variety of tools. I will also be adding my cuticle care tools to this organizer later today. The Acrylic Eye/Lip Liner Organizer is available for $21.99 and comes in six color options. 

Overall, I am super impressed with byAlegory's organizers! If you are like me, you would rather spend a little extra on a higher quality product that will hold up over time. For me, the durable, heavy duty plastic makes them well worth the cost. Another bonus is that byAlegory is available on Amazon and qualifies for Amazon Prime, so if you are a Prime member, you get free two day shipping to your door. Not a Prime member? Don't fret! They also offer free shipping with a minimum dollar amount purchase. 

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  1. OK, I'm going to need that cuticle oil / lip gloss organizer for sure!