Monday, July 20, 2015

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Stamping Polish

Purchased by Me

Greeting! Today I have a quick review of some stamping polishes from Gothic Gala Lacquers to share with you! Ever since I purchased the Creative Shop stamper from Color4Nails, I have been itching to do more stamping. I have both a black and a white polish that are absolutely perfect for stamping already, but I wanted to branch out a little more and find a gold and silver to satisfy my stamping craving.

I had seen some great stamping pictures with these two polishes, and I just love Samantha's polishes, so I thought I would give them a shot! Also, can we just admire this bottle and wand combination? I'm smitten with them!

Gold Stamping Polish is a metallic gold with a nice gold shimmer to it. The formula wasn't thick, nor was it thin. It was the perfect consistency for a polish that you would wear on its own. My trusty stamper picked up images perfectly with this polish, and I just love how it looks over red! Though, this gold would definitely look great over almost any color because it is a deep, rich gold.                                                

Silver Stamping Polish is a pale silver with a hint of holographic shimmer. Its formula was just a touch thinner than the gold. It picked up really well, but due to its lightness, it looks a little washed out over this blue. I think it would definitely pop over a dark creme polish though. If I had one wish for this polish, it would be for it to be a little more metallic and creamy in appearance, like the gold, so it would show well over lighter colors as well.

I dig these polishes. My next goal is to check out the silver over a darker color, because I would really love to see it pop! Samantha makes several other stamping polishes in different colors, so check them out! 

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