Friday, July 17, 2015

Northern Star Polish - Cuticle Oil

Purchased by Me

Greetings! Today, I have a quick review of some cuticle oil from Northern Star Polish to share with you! 

I am an avid lover of citrus scents, and I have been on sort of a citrus scented hand and cuticle care binge as of late. So, last month I came across a post on the For the Love of Indies Facebook group where indie makers could share about a product they would like to highlight. Kristin of Northern Star Polish posted about her Citrus Burst cuticle oil, so of course, I couldn't say no!
The product is a 10mL plastic roller ball applicator and was and presently is listed for $3.50. Kristin was sweet enough to throw in two 2mL roller ball samples in Pink Grapefruit and Out of this World scents. Northern Star's oil soaks in pretty quickly. I like to really slather it on, lay on the couch, and watch a show on Netflix before I get into any swatching or nail art. Now, let's talk about these scents!

Citrus Burst:
Citrus Burst has a crisp, clean lemon-lime scent. The scent is subtle and delicious! I could seriously sniff this all day long. As an added bonus, my husband who hates most smells, particularly all floral scents and strong fruity scents, doesn't mind this scent. He actually enjoys citrus scents, so I hit the jackpot when I stumbled across this oil. 

Pink Grapefruit: 
Pink Grapefruit is the the perfect embodiment of its name. It has such a bright pink grapefruit scent that is strong but not overwhelming. I find myself reaching for this one pretty often because I love the tart yet sweet scent. 

Out of this World:
Out of this World totally stumped me. Upon first sniff I thought it smelled like cloves and a mixture of spices. Then, I started to pick up the scent of cedar. I wanted to get to the bottom of the scent because I was very intrigued by it, so I contacted Kristen to ask about it. She informed me that it was a patchouli base mixed with elemi and lavandin oils, as well as lemongrass, gardenia, and a small amount of orange. This scent is deep and earthy, but like the other two scents, it is not overwhelming. 

If you haven't tried out Northern Star's oil, you definitely should! She offers a wide variety of scents which you can get in a 10mL roller ball or a 15mL polish bottle. If you're not sure what you want and you'd like to try several scents, she also has sampler listings that consist of five 2mL roller balls in a variety of scents.  I just ordered a second roller ball of Citrus Burst and a roller ball of Dreamy Orange to feed my citrus obsession. 

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