Saturday, July 11, 2015

Top Shelf Lacquer - The Wine List Collection

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Greetings! Today, I have Top Shelf Lacquer's The Wine List Collection to share with you! This collection consists of six jewel-toned shimmery polishes that dry to a metallic finish. These beauties will be perfect for fall manis and will be available on July 15th.

All swatches were topped with a coat of Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish for a glossy finish. Now, let's get to these shimmery beauties! 

Concordia is an indigo shimmery creme polish. Shown here is two coats. I absolutely love the little flecks of pink you can see in the macro, and of course, I love the face that it is purple! When do I not love purple? Let me give you a hint, the answer is never. This shade is so deep and rich which would lend itself well to some elegant and simple nail art. 

Red Zinfandel is a ruby red shimmery creme polish with a touch of gold shimmer mixed in. Shown here is two easy coats. This shade is so romantic and understated. The gold shimmer really pairs nicely with such a classy red. I can see this beauty getting a lot of wear this fall; it's just so perfect!

Blueberry Shiraz is a sapphire blue shimmery creme polish. Shown here is two coats. This baby is so bright and beautiful, it is like wearing the Heart of the Ocean on my nails. If you don't get that reference you have some serious soul searching to do...and googling. Anyhow, this beauty would be absolutely perfect for winter. 

Aged Cabernet is a garnet red shimmery creme polish. Shown here is two coats, but Aged Cabernet was almost a one-coater. This polish is so bold and gorgeous, and I could not stop staring at my fingers when I had it on. It positively seems to glow as a result of the combination of such a vibrant red and metallic shimmer.

Vinho Verde is a deep emerald green shimmery creme polish. Shown here is two easy coats. This is such a lovely, earthy shade. I didn't expect to love this one as much as I did, but it made my fingers feel so fancy that it made it into my top picks for this collection. 

Blue Raspberry Merlot is a dark teal shimmery creme polish. Shown here is two coats. This is one of those polishes that when the light hits it just right, you are pleasantly surprised by the splash of color you see.

So overall, I am blown away! I truly did not expect to love this collection as much as I do. I had never tried Top Shelf Lacquer before this week, but it is very clear how much thought and love Amy, the master mixologist of Top Shelf Lacquer, puts into these polishes from their composition right down to their clever names. Each of the polishes in this collection was opaque in two coats and had a quick dry time. I didn't time it, but I can safely say they dry to the touch in under ten minutes. As these polishes have metallic finishes, I was mindful of brush strokes, but that may have been unnecessary. Picking favorites from this collection was rather difficult. Purples are always a default favorite of mine, so Concordia aside, I would say my favorite was a three-way tie between Red Zinfandel, Aged Cabernet, and Vinho Verde. Who says I can't name half of the collection as my favorite?! You're not in charge of me! 
This collection will be available for purchase at noon on Wednesday, July 15th. 
Individual price: $9.50
Complete collection price: $50.00
Top Shelf Lacquer will also be releasing the Tropical Cocktail Paradise Collection, which I will be sharing with you soon, on the same day and will be offering free US shipping on two or more collections. If you are an international polish lover, you will be able to place an order for collections on Etsy. If you would like a different assortment of polishes than listed, you can contact Amy at Cost of shipping to Canada is typically $20 and countries outside of the US and Canada are typically $25 with 7-15 day delivery time on both. 

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  1. I seriously adore your swatches of this collection!!! Nailed them!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you because your swatches are perfection!