Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TwinkledT - Vinyls, Charms, and More

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Greetings! Today, I have some new goodies to share with you from TwinkledT! TwinkedT is my one stop shop for nail art supplies. They carry a range of items including a unique selection of nail vinyls, loose glitter, nail art tools, charms, jewelry, and more.

As I've said before, once you understand how to properly use nail vinyls, they make for super simple nail art which is accessible even if you have trouble with freehand art. 

Scribble Vinyls are the perfect whimsical addition to any manicure. I loved using these vinyl over a water marble, but they truly would look awesome with any color combination or technique. The art lover in me adores these because they remind me of doodling. 

Oval Cyclone Vinyls are a new variation on TwinkledT's ever-popular Cyclone Vinyl. This vinyl is perfect for those who have long nails, as they cover a little more distance than the round cyclones. I've been keeping my nails on the shorter side, so I just turned the vinyl sideways to create this swirly french tip look. 

Heart Cyclones Vinyls are something that I can't stop raving about. For five dollars, you get fifty of these heart-shaped beauties. What I love most is that half of them have the center cut out, and half of them have the center filled in. I used one of each in the swatch above. I think that is just so unique! 

Snake Vinyls are super wiggly and make for some fun Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets inspired manis! I cut up a few of these vinyls to create this simple look. 

For this mani, I tried out Amal Flash Tattoos. They were super easy to apply to both the nail and skin.   I did not top coat over the nail that I applied the flash tattoo to, however, because it caused the gold to bleed onto the polish. I will also remark that theses were very easy to remove. 

Striping tape is great for simple as well as complex geometric designs. TwinkledT offers it at five rolls for $2.99, and it can be found under the vinyls section. 

TwinkledT also has tons of adorable charms to choose from! For this mani, I used the Daisy Skull Charm. It was a little larger than I had anticipated, but it is so darn cute! I paired it with some leopard print I created using the Winstonia Store Glam Gadgets dotting tool from TwinkledT. TwinkledT carries two different sets of Winstonia brushes that are super affordable and great for freehand art. 

And how stinking cute is this snail charm!? I am not exaggerating when I say they carry tons of awesome charms! 

And last but not least, one of my favorite things from TwinkledT, knuckle rings! How cute his this black owl knuckle ring!? I am so obsessed with owls, and I literally can't even with how cute this is! It appears that this particular ring is no longer available, but if you love owls like I do, there are two other options to choose from presently. As for me, I have my eye on a cute little kitten ring!

There is nothing better than accessorizing a great polish with some sweet goodies from TwinkledT. If you've seen something you like, which is hard not to do when you are cruising their website, be sure to use discount code JESSICAJ at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase with no minimum required. 

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