Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gothic Gala Lacquers - The Gilded Spoon and Magia di Olio

 Purchased by Me

Greetings! Today I have a beautiful polish and some delicious smelling cuticle oil from Gothic Gala Lacquers to share with you!

Is anyone surprised that I selected Sweet Orange as my cuticle oil scent? Anyone? No? Well, obviously I can't pass up citrus scents, but more on that later! Let's start with the polish!

The Gilded Spoon is a stunning silver polish filled with scattered holographic glitter, silver flakes, and purple flakes. Shown here is two easy coats topped with Gem Glam Top Coat by Dream Polish. This polish was inspired by the Spoon Theory to bring awareness to chronic illnesses that are often invisible outwardly. If you haven't read the Spoon Theory, you can read it here. Even if you can't outwardly see someone's illness and pain,  it doesn't mean it isn't there, so don't forget to be kind and understanding to everyone you meet. 
Samantha hand-paints a cute little spoon to send with each purchase of this polish, so you will always have an extra spoon in case you need it. How sweet is that?

Samantha has recently started making her own cuticle oil called Magia di Olio. She has tons and tons of different scents to chose from, but I choose Sweet Orange because CITRUS! Sweet Orange has a perfectly citrusy, clean orange scent. The scent is mild, but still present. The oil is light, soaks in pretty quickly, and makes my cuticles look amazing! I'm totally in love!

If you haven't gleaned it from any of my other Gothic Gala Lacquers reviews, Samantha makes awesome stuff! I can't get enough!

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  1. Gorgeous swatches as always! And I love the idea behind this!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I love it as well! Such a great inspiration for a polish!