Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Victorian Era Collection

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Greetings! Today, I have Gothic Gala Lacquers' Victorian Era Collection to share with you!

All swatches were topped with a coat of Gem Glam Top Coat purchased from Dream Polish for a glossy finish. Now let's get to these Victorian inspired beauties! 

Bit o' Jam is a pale blurple linear holographic creme polish. Shown here is two buttery smooth coats. This was easily one of my favorites from this collection because: purple. Enough said. I wish I had gotten to catch a few pictures of this beauty in the sunlight, but the sun was being kind of a jerk the day I swatched this collection. 

Cupid's Kettle Drums is a soft pink creme polish filled with gold shimmer and a touch of holographic sparkle. Shown here is two easy coats. This is such a delicate color which makes it a perfect choice for something workplace appropriate or if you're just feeling fancy!

Gigglemug is a beautiful teal-leaning light blue creme polish filled with gold shimmer, a touch of holographic sparkle and some small dark blue glitter. Shown here is two smooth and easy coats. This is such a fun, happy color!

Dash My Wig is a perfect silvery gray linear holographic creme filled with a sprinkle of small black glitter. Shown here is two super easy coats. This beauty is definitely my favorite from this collection! Again,  I wish I could have seen this baby in the sun! I'm sure it will be gorgeous when I do get to wear it outside my nail cave. I especially love the addition on the black glitter. It's nice and small and just gives it a lovely speckled appearance. 

Gas Pipes is a light pistachio green shimmer filled with iridescent green flakes and a touch of holographic sparkle. Shown here is two coats. You could use three coats for a more opaque appearance. The addition of the flakes separates this one from the rest of the collection. 

Tight as a Boiled Owl is  a warm brown metallic crème filled with scattered holographic glitter. Shown here is two easy coats. This is such a lovely neutral shade! I love the addition of scattered holo glitter because who doesn't love holo glitter!?

So, this collection is pretty lovely! My top picks are Dash My Wig, Gigglemug, and Bit o' Jam. All the formulas super easy two coaters, however Gas Pipes was a little thin in two coats. I am never disappointed with Samantha's polishes, they are always fantastic!
This collection is available now in her shop. 

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